Design Simplicity

I am a mechanical engineer by background. Even before starting my engineering degree my ambition was to create new designs. After finishing my engineering postgraduate studies and being involved in engineering for about 10 years, I was convinced design is the way forward for me.

I believe design is for industry what the alphabet is for […]

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Tea Pot Design, Reinvented Beautifully

I think many designers like window shopping, maybe this hobby is genetic. It is a pastime partly related to our job. I love to see what is new but most of the time the same existing products are being offered by high class retailers with a different form and design. You hardly see all shops offer inventive […]

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What Is Eco Design and Why Is It Important?

It is imperative to search for new design solutions that are environmentally friendly and lead to a reduction in the consumption of materials and energy. The idea of eco-design is the reduction of environmental impacts throughout entire product life cycles by improved product design. It assumes that the effect a product has on the environment […]

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Unipart Storage Containers Design

My experience shows for different reasons simple designs are usually better. The idea of creating a new design is to solve a problem. A complex design may create other problem(s) so what is the point. Yes as Dieter Rams said it “less is better”.

As an experienced mechanical engineer with postgraduate and manufacturing background I do […]

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