Inventors Header 1036360Industrial Design Services For Inventors

Inventors can benefit from industrial design services in different ways.

The first one is to translate their ideas in 2D and 3D designs. These are needed to manufacture their product.

2D drawings or technical drawings are vital for manufacturing purposes. They allow technicians to create their design in physical form.

3D drawings have two major advantages;

  1. When 3D models are rendered they are called ‘photo realist rendered images’. They are as close as to real photographed objects. Before making the very first prototype the inventors can see what their inventions will look like. This is a useful tool to correct mistakes before costly prototypes are repeated.
  2. 3D renderings are also very useful for presenting to investors or other stakeholders to help non-technical people understand what is being proposed.
  3. Sometimes parts are created by 3D printing. This is a time and cost saving method for making prototypes. To do this 3D files are needed. However they don’t need to be rendered and can be provided in alternative file formats.

Importantly sometimes one needs to look from outside of the box at a design problem. One of my unique selling points is that I am never short of new ideas and that is why I am running my own design business. I can help inventors in developing their idea further.

Having experience of patenting, I can provide drawings and/or images related to filling applications at the UK patent office. These drawings need to follow certain rules which I can provide as part of my design service.

If you have an invention and want to have a no obligation conversation to investigate how I can help you please call 01733 247949 or fill in my contact form. I am of course happy to have any such conversations under a non-disclosure agreement.