Design Drawings

This gallery illustrates engineering drawings which have been prepared for various projects.

Page 1 – A soft plastic component for an industrial bin. This drawing shows standard engineering drawing views with related dimensions.

Page 2 – A […]

Spaghetti Bowl

Some spaghetti lovers do not like to use a spoon for eating their favourite meal so I decided to do something about it.

This bowl is like any other rounded ones except that it is designed […]

Unipart Storage

Simple designs are usually better. The idea of creating a new design is to solve a problem. A complex design may create other problem(s) so what is the point.

I prefer to design products that are […]

Mug and Spoon

How many times you found a mug or cup but did not find a tea spoon?

How many times you had to look for a tea spoon?

Do you find your tea spoon is missing?

If you look […]

Mug Cap

I often ask myself if an existing design is complete? Did the designer(s) stop too early? To find out, all I have to do is to look at an everyday product and if after a […]


This is a competition design for “London On Tap”.

The design brief was to design a water carafe for restaurants and cafes to be manufactured easily and cheaply.

This design was aimed to have a unique image […]

Curry Plate

Like sharing your meal?

A lot of people love curry meals but there aren’t any useful plates for it.  This meal is usually served with rice or bread and some variation of curry sauces. This plate […]