I think many designers like window shopping, maybe this hobby is genetic. It is a pastime partly related to our job. I love to see what is new but most of the time the same existing products are being offered by high class retailers with a different form and design. You hardly see all shops offer inventive ideas. A lot of products are just another design variation.

One good example of redesigning is Imbue, a magnetic brewing vessel. It is designed by WWU Industrial Design.

Reinventing the teapot

What makes it so beautiful?

  • It is beautiful because it is a simple design. No need for too many mechanical connections. The strainer is magnetically connects to the lid. So easily opened and cleaned. Very useful when time is short. Also this is particularly useful for older users who can’t use their fingers so easily.
  • It is beautiful because you can see the brewing process right in front of your eyes. No need to check by opening the lid and looking inside. This is useful if your favourite brew is slightly unusual. For example if you are brewing green tea, for example, it is much easier to see the colouring.
  • It is beautiful because you can carry it with you. Your tea is brewed on the go. No one has time to wait. That is why for so long tea bags have dominated the market. You can brew your tea even while driving to work. Once it is ready all you have to do to turn the jar over to stop over brewing.
  • It is beautiful because you can use the jar for carrying other liquids, i.e. it is multi-functional. This is useful for both users’ pocket and the environment.
  • It is beautiful because it is round. Round is a convenient geometrical shape for handling from any direction. Easily handled and eliminates the use of having a handle. Not many tea pots can be carried in a case or bag but this one can because it is round.
  • It is beautiful because it gives you the urge to brew your tea leaves for a healthier life style. When you look at the conventional tea pots you do not get that urge.

Sustainability does not just come from using sustainable materials but also from multi-functionality in design. Imbue is as practical for coffee as it is for tea. That is why I think redesigning everyday objects are rewarding. Imbue is not just another form of a tea pot but a multipurpose brewing pot.

Manufacturers can benefit greatly by rethinking and redesigning their products. A new design can improve sales. Having options helps to attract a varied number of shoppers.

The success rate of this design can be judge by its kickstarter.com project. This project launched in May 2015 needing $20K to start the first production. It closed in June 2015 and attracted just over $362k because investors understand good design when they see it.

If you have an everyday product which you would like reimagining and transfroming into something new please call me on 01733 247949