My experience shows for different reasons simple designs are usually better. The idea of creating a new design is to solve a problem. A complex design may create other problem(s) so what is the point. Yes as Dieter Rams said it “less is better”.

As an experienced mechanical engineer with postgraduate and manufacturing background I do not have difficulty designing products that demand engineering know-how. However I prefer to design products that are not complicated to manufacture and assemble. From initial stages of manufacturing to packaging and delivery there should be minimum handling and labour time. Generally speaking in manufacturing the longer each component is processed and handled the final cost will be higher.

The present economical situation and also lack of space at home or office causes problems. Some of the shelving units do not match to the existing available spaces. Unipart was created over a few weeks working part time. It is made of only one panel without the need for any fixings or tools. The user just needs to interlock each panel to the next one. Probably the hardest part of this design project was to come up with an interlocking projection and slots arrangement. However it is simple to assemble by anyone. This is an idea designed with both manufacturing and consumer at mind. Unipart’s eco design reduces wastage thereby helping the environment.

I decided to design something that is;

–  Simple because simple designs are often less costly to market. There are less labour, material and manufacturing costs. A simple design takes less time to assemble and packaging is usually easier. Simple designs are more user friendly as they are easier to use. But above all it seems simple designs are less wasteful.

–    Needs less tool handling to assemble therefore any age user can purchase it.

–    Eco friendly.

–   Useful for most locations, at home or office. To provide users the opportunity to create the desired shelves, in any available space. It can be used on desk to store books and letter or on its own for shoe storage.

Unipart Design Blog Image 02


Unipart Design Blog Image 01

Unipart is made of hard recycled plastic and manufactured by injection moulding. As there is only one component thereby there is only one manufacturing tool needed.

The panels are connected to each other by a series of dovetail projection and recess without the need for a tool. These panels are interlocked therefore there is no need for any fixings. A shelf of any shape can be created by connecting a panel to the next one. Simply the dove tail is inserted to another panel’s recess. As there are sufficient numbers of projections on each face, the panels can be connected from any face to create any shape the user requires.

As Unipart is a modular system therefore consumers can buy as many parts as they need to design their own unit. With a variation of colours users can create their own colour combination shelves.

Unipart panels can be in different sizes depending on the usage. However for desk usage or stand-alone unit, for example as shoe storage, can consider an approximate A4 dimensions.

Unipart was runner up in “A’ design award & competition” this year.

I think one way for designers to show their love for design is to create a useful new design with more restrictions.