Why Use Us Header 1036360Why Use Our Industrial Design Service?

Accord Industrial Design Ltd is a product design firm with a difference. In this consultancy the aim is to create innovative and manufacturable design solutions to your problems. There are absolutely no shortage of new ideas for fusion of functionality and aesthetic. This is why AID Ltd is known by it’s customers as an innovative consultancy.

A good design has more than just a desirable aesthetic image, it needs to be made of appropriate material(s), manufactured cost effectively and also environmentally friendly. The final objective is to create sound engineered products. This innovative consultancy is specialised in eco friendly mechanical consumer products and can do this for your business whether you are an inventor, manufacturer or design studio.

For a product to have a commercial potential it must be both designed and engineered well. Industrial design is a systematic process which if performed well will create cost effective products for your market.

To achieve this design needs to be planned from the initial sketches. Considerations such as material used, aesthetics, manufacturing techniques and also the environment are all part of a well thought design solution. By doing so, AID Ltd’s objective is to save design time and costs for clients.

AID Ltd can design or improve the design of your existing products, to reduce costs and thereby increase your market share.

Improved industrial design not only can reduce costs, improve environmental impact and increase sales but also products become more user friendly.