Industrial Design 04Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the questions AID Ltd receives from potential clients;

Q1- Why should I use AID Ltd for my industrial design work?

A unique selling point of AID Ltd is the clients are dealt with by an experienced and qualified design engineer. This not only brings clients’ costs down but also provides a faster design collaboration between both sides. In other words, there is not any sub contracting.

Q2- How do I know my idea is safe once I disclose it to AID Ltd?

Before you disclose any information, you can ask for a Non Disclosure Agreement which will be signed by the AID creative director Hass Fouladi to make sure your idea is not disclosed anywhere. This is a standard legal agreement to protect the client and usually done on the first meeting.

Q3- How long does it take to do my design?

Every design project is different and there is no set time. As a rule of thumb the more information you provide and the more clear you are of your idea, the quicker your design is done. For simple designs, provided there are not other projects to deal with about one week is required. In any case before signing a contract the client will get a time estimate.

Q5- How do I know how much it will cost me?

This depends on how many hours are needed to complete a design job. This also depends on the complexity of the design work. AID Ltd is too happy to provide a quotation before-hand. The quotation gives you an idea of the estimated average costs involved.

Q6- Does it cost more to design an eco friendly product?

Sometimes it could, depending on the design work but usually makes no difference. In some cases may take longer to come up with a green solution. Having, over 10 years of technical experience does help to consider the environmental issues from the first stages of the design process.

Q7- If I have my design done by AID Ltd and decided later to change something, will it cost me more?
Well it depends what the change is for. If it is just another variation then yes but of course will be less than the original invoice.